Consulting Services

Well-tuned Oracle Databases are obviously crucial for any organisation with benefits that include:

  • Better end-user experiences
  • More scalable and resilient applications
  • Applications able to meet business requirements within required time-frames (such as complex batch jobs)
  • Maximise investments in both Oracle licensing and current infrastructure
  • Avoid or delay infrastructure upgrades or increases in licensing requirements
  • Reduced subscription requirements in Cloud-based migrations

Based on over 30 years experience in IT, 20+ years in managing, tuning and trouble-shooting Oracle Databases, Richard Foote has tuned and addressed complex performance issues for numerous Oracle customers. In many cases, this has resulted in 10+ times performance improvements and with some customers, the cancellation of planned infrastructure upgrades.

Richard Foote Consulting can be of service if your organisation:

  • has continued database performance issues which you are struggling to address?
  • wants to ensure your databases are currently running as optimal as is practical?
  • desires an independent, expert assessment of how your databases are currently configured and deployed?
  • requires DBAs to be trained onsite on how to best tune an Oracle Database or how to best troubleshoot database performance issues by accurately determining root causes?
  • seeks your developers to develop applications than make full and appropriate use of the capabilities within the Oracle Database for more scalable, high performance applications?

Richard Foote specialises in Database Performance Tuning with services that include:

  • Database/Application Performance Tuning
  • Database Performance Resolutions
  • Database Health Checks and Assessments
  • On-The-Job Database Management Training
  • Cloud Migration Accessments
  • Platform Migration Assessments
  • Database Configuration and Feature Adaption Advice
  • Database New Features Advice and Implementation Advice
  • General Database Management Advice

Richard is able to work either remotely or be present onsite if necessary. Note travel expenses will be charged as necessary.

Please note that Richard is NOT available for consulting assignments greater than 2 weeks. In most cases, Richard will be able to successfully provide the necessary services within a day or two. Up to 2 weeks might be necessary for very large environments with large numbers of databases.

For information on upcoming seminars, consulting services, rates or availability, please email