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Oracle Indexing Internals and Best Practices Webinar

I will be presenting my fully updated and highly acclaimed “Oracle Indexing Internals and Best Practice” seminar as a series of webinars. For details of all the extensive content covered in the webinars, please visit my Indexing Seminar page.

The webinars will run for 4 hours each day, spanning a full week period (Monday to Friday) in various time zones that are friendly to different parts of the world. So you can attend the webinar for part of the day and still have time for other work activities.

So that’s 15+ hours of extensive content that will be of benefit to not only DBAs, but also to Developers, Solution Architects and anyone else interested in designing, developing or maintaining high performance Oracle-based applications.

There are currently 2 webinar series scheduled. They are:

  • Webinar Series 1: 4-8 March 2019 (start 7pm AEDT, end 11pm AEDT)
  • Webinar Series 2: 26-30 March 2019 (start 5am AEDT, end 9am AEDT)

Webinar Series 1 will be in timezones more agreeable to Eastern Asia/Europe. For example, they will start at 1:30pm local time in Mumbai, at 10:00am local time in Paris.

Webinar Series 2 will be in timezones more agreeable to the American Continents and New Zealand. For example they will start at in 1:00pm local time New York and 10:00am local time in San Francisco. (Note: The dates listed are as in Australia, they will actually run between Monday 5 November to Friday 9 November in the Americas).

The cost of each 5 x day series will be $1200.00 Australian Dollars (+GST if applicable and attending from within Australia).

Note: As this will be the first run of these webinars, numbers are strictly limited to ensure the smooth running of these events. Please register early to avoid disappointment as webinars are not scheduled too regularly.

Booking and Payment Instructions

To book your place, please email me at and I will send you an invoice with payment instructions. You can pay either by credit card via PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account for this), via a PayPal account or via direct bank transfer. Note: payment must be received before you can attend the webinar.

You can also pay for these webinars directly here if NOT attending from Australia (as GST must be added):


Webinar March 2019 Dates


For full details of all upcoming webinars, please visit my Indexing Webinar page.

For the following webinar series, you can purchase your registrations here via credit card (if NOT based in Australia), else contact me if you wish to pay via direct bank transfer or if you’re based in Australia (as GST must be added).

Webinar Series 1: 4-8 March 2019 (start 7pm AEDT, end 11pm AEDT): Buy Now Button

Webinar Series 2: 26-30 March 2019 (start 5am AEDT, end 9am AEDT): Buy Now Button

Once registered, you will be sent a unique link for each booking with instructions on how to attend the webinar. Prior to the webinar, you will also be sent a soft copy of the webinar materials, with 850+ pages of amazing content, that includes many useful tips and strategies to maximise the benefits of indexes on application/database performance and scalability.

Terms and Conditions

You are prohibited from allowing unregistered individuals to view your webinar event.

You may not make unauthorized recordings, copies, or transmissions of webinar content.

You may not make unauthorized copies or distribute in any way webinar materials.

You must view the webinar event from the country that you listed when receiving webinar registration details.


How do I register? Please contact me at and I will give you all the necessary registration and payment instructions.

How much does it cost? To attend the full 5 day x 4 hours webinar series costs $1200.00 Australian Dollars. If you’re from Australia, the full cost will be $1320.00 which includes the 10% GST.

What are the payment options? You can pay either by direct bank transfer (I will provide you with all the necessary banking information) or by Credit Card (I will send you a PayPal invoice which allows for Credit Card payments. You do not need a PayPal account for this service).

Are there group discounts? Yes, if you have 3 or more persons from your organisation that is interested in attending a webinar, please contact me for group discount rates.

If my payment hasn’t come through yet, can I still join the webinar? No. For obvious reasons, I must receive full payment before you can be registered for the webinar. I try to provide plenty of prior warning before the webinars to enable obtaining managerial permission and completing payments. Please don’t leave it too late.

Can I get a refund? No. However, if you’re not able to join for some reason, you can either transfer the registration to someone else within your organisation, or you can attend a later webinar at not addition cost. Please contact me ASAP if you’re not able to attend.

Do you run customer dedicated webinars? Yes, if you have 10 or more persons in your organisation interested in attending a webinar, contact me to determine if a webinar just for your organisation might be the better option.

What are the start and end times for each webinar? They are detailed within the webinar description. All times listed are in local Australian time as I’m based in Australia. You will need to convert these times to determine your corresponding local times. Webinars are scheduled to be more favourable in different parts of the world so select the webinar series that best suits you. Note: because of time differences, the webinar could be run in a different day to those listed in your part of the world. For example, the webinar scheduled for 6-10 November 2018 starts on Tuesday, 6 November at 5am in Australia, but this is actually Monday, 5 November at 10am in San Francisco.

What is the schedule for each webinar series? Each webinar series runs for 5 days (Monday-Friday at the targeted time zone), with 4 hours of activity per day. Each day, there are 3 x approx. 1 hour, 10 min sessions, with a 15 minute break following each one. During the 15 minute break, there is an opportunity for further questions to be asked.

What webinars are currently scheduled?

  • Webinar Series 1: 8-12 October 2018 (start 7pm AEDT, end 11pm AEDT)
  • Webinar Series 2: 6-10 November 2018 (start 5am AEDT, end 9am AEDT)

Series 1 is in a time zone more suitable for those in Eastern Asia and Europe.

Series 2 is more suitable for those in the Americas. Note: because of time difference, the webinar in November will actually run between Monday 5 November through to Friday 9 November in the Americas time zones.

Is the material covered the same as the in person seminars? Yes, the same material is covered. There is however a little more time available during a webinar, so I might be able to cover more topics. Maybe. To see the webinar content, visit my Indexing Seminar page.

Will I be able to ask questions during the webinar? Yes. However, I will mute all connections during the webinar, with questions during the sessions possible via a texting interface. This will reduce noise issues and unnecessary questions from disrupting the presentations. I will try to answer appropriate questions during the presentations or during the 20 minute break following each presentation session. You can also ask me follow up questions after the webinar.

Do you get any webinar materials to keep? Yes. Each attendee will get a softcopy of the some 850+ pages of content in PDF format. This will allow everyone to review all the material after the webinar and to also cut ‘n’ paste the numerous demos I cover and re-run them in your own environments. Note this material is of course copyrighted and that replicating or distributing this material is strictly prohibited.

What webinar software is used? I will be using GoToWebinar.

Are the webinars recorded? No, not initially anyways. Remember, you do have a copy of all the webinar content covered in the supplied PDF.

How do I join the webinar? I will provide full instructions on how to join the webinar beforehand. You will be given a unique link that allows you to join in the fun. Do not distribute this link to anyone else as only one connection is possible per supplied link. I recommend downloading the GoToWebinar interface (I will provide the instructions) in plenty of time prior to joining in the webinar.

When should I login to the webinar? I will start the webinar session 30 minutes prior to the official start to give everybody plenty of time to logon and iron out any issues you might have.

Are there any exercises or hands on labs? No. There are parts where I get customer participation, but there are no labs or requirements to have a database environment on hand. That said, some people do like to periodically cut ‘n’ paste some of my demos from the supplied PDFs and run them in their own database environments during the class. However, the pace I set makes this difficult to do while keeping up with the presentation.

Do I get a certificate for attending? Yes. Everyone will get a certificate of attendance.

Is there a limit to the number of attendees per webinar? Yes. To keep the webinar running smoothly and to give everyone an opportunity to ask some questions, numbers will be strictly limited.

How often are these webinars scheduled? Unsure. I will try and run a webinar series in different time zone friendly every “few months”, but this will depend largely on demand and my availability.

Where can I ask additional questions? As always, please contact me at if you have any questions.

Is the “Oracle Indexing Internals and Best Practices” learning experience really as good as people say? Yes, it really is 🙂

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at