Seminar Dates

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Below is a full list of scheduled seminars. Just follow the link to enrol.

For full details on seminar content, please see the Indexing Seminar page.

Note: Numbers are strictly limited due to the small class nature of the seminars. Please book early to avoid disappointment as seminars are not scheduled regularly.

Europe September 2018 Dates


Brussels, Belgium 27-28 September 2018: (Venue TBC). Tickets and Registration Link

You can purchase your Brussels tickets here (and avoid Eventbrite fee): Buy Now Button

Webinar 2018 Dates

For full details of all upcoming webinars, please visit my Indexing Webinar page.

For the following webinar series, you can purchase your registrations here via credit card (if NOT based in Australia), else contact me if you wish to pay via direct bank transfer or if you’re based in Australia (as GST must be added).

Webinar Series 1: 8-12 October 2018 (start 7pm AEDT, end 11pm AEDT): Buy Now Button

Webinar Series 2: 6-10 November 2018 (start 5am AEDT, end 9am AEDT): Buy Now Button



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