Below are just some examples of feedback I’ve received since running my “Oracle Indexing Internals and Best Practices” seminars from late 2017. Thank you everyone for allowing me to reproduce your feedback.

The most common complaint: Need to add a third day to the seminar đŸ™‚

Best course I’ve ever attended. And I’ve been fortunate to attend many good seminars with good instructors – including most recognised experts and gurus. Felt like every subject was handpicked for me personally“.  Simcorp attendee

The seminar was enlightening and informative along with examples that I can relate to and utilise immediately after going back to work“. Arrpan Paliwal, Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

This is one of the best seminars I have attended.” Surekha Dassanayake, Commonwealth Bank of Australia”.

This seminar was very informative“. Paul Joseph

Excellent seminar, great content, fantastic speaker“. Norman Pang, Worldpay

One of the best seminars I’ve ever attended. So much useful information regardless of background. Good amount of detail, very well explained.” Steve Wallace, Triangle Information Management

All good. Loved it.” Joseph Kattar, Telstra

It was great. Very happy with the pace and topics, learnt a lot.” Joseph Wardega

Excellent delivery, engaging topic, musical insights, all good, great course, highly recommended” Nic Percival

Happy to have many knowledge gaps filled with definitive information“. Gordon Hunter

He was so dedicated to the stuff and very good to communicate. It was very inspiring to listen. I got many good things that we can improve with“. Simcorp attendee

Entire seminar was useful“. Anand Dugginala, Fujitsu

Total Index Enlightenment. 100% Value. More Hendrix and Zappa” Oliver Hergies, Hergies Consulting

Enjoyed all aspects. Found all topics to be useful“. Wayne Amisano

Everything I wanted to know about indexes but was afraid to ask. Enjoyed the small class, didn’t run out of things to talk about“. Alex Taylor, Comcare

Best Oracle training available in Oz. Better than SFO OpenWorld, one a par with Hotsos“. Todd Bourne

Everything was very interesting and useful“. Alex Kurochkin, SIG

All parts were useful !! The amount of information covered was sensational. Partitioning was extremely useful“. Nuno Souto, Scentre Group

The best course ever. The course material is very impressive and the teacher really knows his stuff !“. Elise Valin-Rakie, Fennia

All the examples were very good and close enough to real like (calculation examples were very clarifying). I liked it all!” Marko Helskyaho, Miracle Finland

The whole structure of the course is perfect. Understanding the importance of the Clustering Factor is the most important takeaway from the training. I would be able to use it immediately at my workplace. Richard is the best.” Anuj Parashar, Commonwealth Bank of Australia”

All information was useful, explanation of clustering factor especially. Gave clear opinions, advice and experience on how to use indexes. Presenter was very effective in explaining all relevant points.” Mika Laaksonen, Miracle Finland

Great pace and great explanations. Sharing concepts without complex SQL was very nice“. Mathias, Evil Ape AB

One of the very best I have ever participated in“. Simcorp attendee

It was extremely good. Very detailed and very well documented“. Simcorp attendee

Dedicated  teacher – good course material – a lot of questions and answers“. Simcorp attendee

Well prepared materials, excellent explanation, proof on examples, the possibility to try and test the examples yourself, ability of communicate with the instructor“. Simcorp attendee

Most useful, the understanding of the CBO computation is something I’ve been wondering about for years!!“. Jonathan Mills, Main Roads WA